Final Project

Unit Plan: Les activités de loisir (FSL 8)


To introduce the unit on recreational activities, I would use the Prezi presentation below. I would tell students that we're going to be learning about them by following the daily activities of Danbo, the Amazon mascot. 

To give them their first exposure to the unit's vocabulary, I'd share Danbo's activities for each day of the week. I would go through the presentation and get students to guess what the highlighted vocabulary meant based on the pictures. For instance, "jouer au soccer" is accompanied by a picture of Danbo kicking a soccer ball to help students guess what this means. As we went through the presentation, students would copy the highlighted phrases in French and then add the translations as we discovered them together (to practice spelling the vocabulary).

The presentation ends with the question, "Which leisure activities do you do every week?". I'd show a sentence starter and give students a few minutes to answer the question in writing. I'd then get students to walk around and try to find as many others who did the same activities as them. 

Google Forms

To reinforce the new vocabulary (and as an exit slip for me to gauge their comfort with the new vocabulary), I'd ask them to fill out a Google form about what activities they like to do. Students receive scaffolding in writing complete sentences, as the first few questions have sentence starters that students can complete. The later questions only have a response form, so students will have to follow the sentence structure modeled in the previous questions. The next class, students could guess which activities would be the most popular. I could then pull up the a graph of the results and briefly go over key parts to further reinforce the vocabulary.


A little later in the unit, I'd get students to practice their listening skills by drawing out a scene I describe on an audio file. At this point they would have learned and practiced more vocabulary and sentences. I'd play the clip and they would have to draw what they saw as accurately as possible. I'd include a practice one on the blog. A few classes later, I would then play another similar clip in class and students' sketches would be marked (a mark for each correctly identified activity).

(Digital Dialects Review Game)

Before the in-class listening activity, I'd embed a game from Digital Dialects to play at home. The following game involves listening to someone read out different action verbs in French and then clicking on the matching illustration. The site provides vocabulary review accompanied by audio clips of each word being read aloud.


Towards the end of the unit, I could get students to create a storybook about their own ideal day using StoryJumper, Storybird or Bookr. I'd show them an example I put together with Bookr. They'd have to include at least 7 different activities, transition words and phrases, and images that illustrate each sentence. Once done, students would present their books to the class.

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