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Here is a slideshow I created that gets students to infer the meaning of two opposite French phrases by looking at pictures. Even though there would be no way to prevent students from simply googling the saying, the images would hopefully help them to remember what each on one meant. I could then get students to write a few sentences practicing the new vocabulary for homework and then share them in class the next day. If I let students edit the presentation, I could get each student to find a new picture to represent given vocabulary words each day. This would result in a set of pictures accompanying each new word that everyone could access.


I could use this document to get students to write a collaborative story using specific vocabulary from the unit. They would not only practice using it in a sentence but would also have to practice their reading skills since they'd have to make their sentences fit with what was already written. In a class setting, I would ask them for their emails so I could check their contributions. I'd also post a copy of the instructions on my blog in case someone deleted them on the document. I could also ask students include a picture. The next day, we could go over the story together and edit it for potential errors.



I could use the form below as both a survey and review. It would enable me to see which activities students enjoy in the class. Filling out the form would lead students to review the new vocabulary and practice using it in sentences.


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