Romeo's Locker

Students often decorate the inner door of their lockers with pictures, posters and sayings they like, so I could use Polyvore as a way for them talk about themselves in the L2 with the help of images. I could also get them thinking about characters in novels or short stories they read. They would create a "locker wall" that represents themselves or a character studied in class.The images would help them express ideas they might not yet be able to express in the L2, and they could start by associating an adjective and noun with each picture. Another way to use Polyvore would be to help students learn the vocabulary for clothing, accessories and colours (although this might not be interesting for all students). When learning about adjectives, I could also get students to put together templates to represent different adjectives or moods and then get them to display their work and have the other students guess what adjective was being portrayed from a bank of words.

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